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We are pleased to announce the Zoom10 manual total station.

With the introduction of the instrument, GeoMax is clearly targeting the emerging markets.
The goal is to catch the attention of new customers that have not considered buying GeoMax yet.
Thanks to the Zoom10, GeoMax will be able to offer the whole product range, from entry up to high-level of total stations. For users, the Zoom10 is the most efficient, simple and affordable manual total station among all entry-level TPS because of it’s easy to handle onboarding software. The product is the perfect fit for construction surveyors.

Main Features
• Bluetooth wireless technology makes the Zoom10 accessible for real-time communication and compatible with X-PAD android solution
• Multiple data transfer options including SD card and Micro-USB port
• Adjustable backlight of the screen and the keyboard offers visible conditions to work in any environment
• Dual-axis compensator for auto error elimination and accuracy compensation
• Data storage allows to save up to 20’000 points in ASCII format
• Easy onboard software that follows the Zoom family workflow

Technical Specifications

The following technical specifications apply to the instrument:
• 2” angle measurement accuracy
• Distance measurement prism: 3000m
• Distance measurement reflectorless: 350m
• 1.5s measuring time
• 30x magnification
• Dual axis compensator
• Communication through RS232, SD Card, micro USB, Bluetooth
• Internal data memory of up to 20’000 points • ASCII data format
• B/w display, 280 x 160 pixels
• Laser plummet with four levels of brightness
• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
• 16 hours operating time
• Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C •
Storage temperature: -40°C to +70°C

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