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Precise targeting and measuring guaranteed

No matter if in dark or sunlight conditions, targeting on hidden points, over short or long distances up to 50 metres, X-PAD MasterPlan offers many intelligent features to target and measure the aimed point precisely while working in a 3D environment.

Auto edge detection

Precisely targeting an edge or a corner used to be challenging because of wall colour or lighting conditions. With the X-PAD MasterPlan, though, there is no need to worry – the exact point is automatically measured for you.

Automatic line and surface scans

When geometry becomes complex and surfaces are curved, Zoom3D measures horizontal, vertical and sloped sections automatically. X-PAD MasterPlan features a full range of drawing tools that allow you to draw the complex 3D environment quickly and easily using the Zoom3D’s drawing function.

One-man layout

X-PAD MasterPlan includes an easy-to-use but powerful stakeout tool for the site layout. Save time and resources and upgrade your Zoom3D to a micro robotic solution for one-man operations.

X-PAD MasterPlan is featured with a target recognition technology, automatically aiming and tracking the target mounted on a standard pole.

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